A competition where everybody wins

100Bridges is about a competition, where sellers from African countries can win a EU based company (100% ownership) to ease their online sales within the European Union. Everybody, who joins the project, either as a seller or expert, will win new partners, skills and build bridges between African and European e-commerce.

Who participates?

Sellers from Africa and Madagascar that who would like to grow their business and sell to the EU markets


You are a seller

You meet experts, get encouraged and take on to journey to become an international e-commerce business.

  • Get best practice knowledge about the EU markets
  • Access a network of experts
Win the competition and get:
  • 100% of a registered EU company to start your business in the EU.
  • 12 months subscription of DutyPay’s services, including VAT registrations and VAT returns.

You’re a domain expert

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Connect with sellers from Africa and Madagascar

You represent a private sector development organisation or a non-government organisation

  • Promote economic growth
  • Foster trust in African products
  • Extend your development projects to e-commerce